142: Navigating Disneyland Parade Traffic


Megan & Kris give their tips on navigating through Disneyland parade traffic. Also, Kit talks about the movie The Lion King, and Teddy talks about why he has a dot of paint on his nose.


Navigating through Disneyland Parade Traffic

Know your schedule and how a parade might affect it. Be sure to get a show schedule when you enter the park or at any of the shops and look to see if there are any parades happening around the times you might have a restaurant reservation. If there is try to make sure that you’re on the correct side of the park before the parade starts.

The do have sections that they will allow people to cross during the parade. The easiest place to cross the parade in our opinion would be by the corn dog wagon and Coke Corner.

To make things easier with all six of us, Megan wore Roddy, Kit was in the stroller (which Megan was pushing), I had Teddy on my shoulders, and Ginny was holding my hand. That way we had a hold on everyone in our party and didn’t get separated.

You’ll want to allow an extra 20 minutes of travel if you’re planning on trying to cross the park during a parade.

Disney will often open up backstage passages along Main Street USA to help accommodate heavy traffic, especially after the fireworks.



Conversations with Kit

Kit talks about what he likes about The Lion King. Teddy also joins us at the end!


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