141: Reviews of Randy Crane’s Disneyland Tour & Earl of Sandwich


Megan & Kris gave a great review of Randy Crane’s (from Stories of the Magic Podcast) educational Disneyland tour. They also review their lunch at Earl of Sandwich.


Randy Crane’s Educational Tour of Disneyland Review

We had the wonderful privilege of taking one of Randy’s customized Disneyland tours and we had a wonderful experience! A couple days before we met him at the park, we filled out a questionnaire so he could customize his tour specifically for us. He asked us where some of our favorite places around the park are, what we know already, and what we’d like to hear about.

We met him at the park just after opening and we went into Disneyland. As we toured the park with Randy, it didn’t feel like a traditional tour as one might think, but it was more conversational and less structured. You’re basically hanging out at the park with a Disney expert. We experienced his Faith and the Magic Kingdom tour which incorporates Christian faith parallels in with the Disneyland knowledge, he does, however, also offer a non-faith-based Stories and Facts Tour, which is also very good.

Throughout the tour, Randy pointed out many things to us that are right out in the open and people pass up all the time as they rush to their favorite attractions. Things like a single light bulb on Main Street that is half red and half white, or how you can tell when you’re leaving Frontierland and entering New Orleans Square. All of these details come with very interesting stories behind them, and Randy is an endless fount of Disneyland knowledge!

On the faith side of things, Randy shared such stories about how Walt had originally intended there to be a church on Main Street and why it never happened, but there is, in fact, a church that can be seen at the end of Main Street, and he’ll tell you exactly where to look. Randy also shared with us an interesting parallel between the story of David and Goliath and the Sleeping Beauty display in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Very interesting stuff!

For more info on Randy’s tours, you can email him at DLPlans [at] storiesofthemagic [dot] com.


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Faith and the Magic Kingdom Book – Disneyland is all about story, and God is a God of story––and of visual aids. “Faith and the Magic Kingdom” combines your favorite Disney theme park attractions (and more) with God’s story of love, turning the park into a 3-dimensional parable. Learn to see Disneyland in a whole new way while you experience true abundant life in Christ.

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Leaving Conformity Coaching – Randy works with Christians whose lives are out of balance helping them discover and connect to their God-given purposes and value, to build their lives to achieve true success and meaning, and to positively impact their world.


Earl of Sandwich

Our lunch at Earl of Sandwich was overall pretty tasty. Kris had the Holiday Turkey Sandwich, which had pretty much a Thanksgiving dinner in it! It consisted of turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Very tasty!

Megan got the broccoli cheese soup which she liked, and the kids got pepperoni pizza bread.



Conversations with Kit

Kit gives his review of our tour with Randy.


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