127 Park Tip: Making Disney Memories


In this episode, Megan & Kris talk about some ways to make great memories at Disney parks!


Making Disney Memories

Here are five ways you can capture and make great Disney memories:

  1. Take lots of photos and have Disney cast members take photos for you too! (Hint: they’ll even use your own camera or cell phone too, just ask!)
  2. Be present with each other. Don’t constantly be on your phone or let your kids have their earbuds in all the time. Enjoy each other’s company!
  3. Plan and do something nice for a cast member or another family. This can be anything from genuinely thanking them or passing forward an act of kindness. Get creative! Doing something nice for someone else as a family will give you that wonderful memory and bring you closer together.
  4. Have a nice meal together and reflect on what you’ve done so far. People connect when dining together.
  5. Look for “magic moments” that are in abundance at the Disney parks! Things like playing musical chairs with Alice and the Mad Hatter near Coke Corner and other interactions with cast members.


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